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VST Discovery: Refined Audiometrics Laboratory PLParEQ1, PLParEQ3, PLParEQ4

Parametric EQ
Platform: PC, Linux
Format: VST
Price: FREE!

I am thrilled to offer this rare find to you by Refined Audiometrics Laboratories! To those who don't already know, the excellent PLParEQ series plug-ins are easily among the very best of all free VST's in regards to sheer quality. There is actually a commercial 10-band version that sells for over $1,000!

The 1, 3, and 4-band versions were all released under a free license while they were being developed and perfected, and these are the last and highest quality free versions. It has taken me years to find these! I sincerely hope you appreciate them as much as I do.

  • Plug-in processes at 88.2/96kHz internally, even for lower bit-rate session. This feature reduces all unwanted aliasing far beyong the scope of human hearing.

  • Incredible array of filters available, including Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reduce, Low Shelf, High Shelf, and Peaking/Dipping.

  • Linear Phase and Phase Warped are both available.

  • Note: The 4-band version lacks a GUI, but none of the sound quality!

PLParEQ is free software


But these are not!

The PSP Neon HR sells for $399


Algorithmix LinearPhase PEQ Red goes for $699!


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