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VST Discovery: Roberson Audio Synthesizers Prophanity

Synth: Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Clone

What is it?: Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Clone
Platform: PC, Linux

Format: VST
Price: FREE!


This is a shining example of what can make free VST's so exciting! It sounds fantastic, and I'd bet 90% of us can't tell the difference between this one and the real thing. An extremely well-done interface is the icing on the cake for this Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 clone.

Native Instruments released their own clone of the Prophet V (the Pro-53), and have sold tons of them for $199. The Arturia Prophet V sells for $199 as well. So now you can start daydreaming of what you would have done with all that money you would have saved if you were going to buy the N.I. Pro 53 or Prophet V but found our post first. To be honest, there is a pretty big disadvantage in getting the free Prophanity: it doesn't come with fake wood edges and a fake keyboard drawn on. Sacrifices, sacrifices...

Prophanity is free software


But these are not!

Native Instruments Pro-53 costs $199!

Arturia Prophet V costs $199


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