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VST Discovery: Yellow Tools Independence Free



Platform: PC, Linux, Mac OSX
Price: FREE!

Here is another VST Discovery STUDIO ESSENTIALS SERIES plug-in for you. Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, you probably already know that Yellow Tools is the cream of the crop in the world of software instrument developers. Their Candy plug-in is as good as it gets in digitally recreated saxophone, and Independence is probably the most uniquely impressive sampler available today (although certainly not the best selling!) Independence combines the technologies of Virtual Instruments, premium sound libraries and workstation workflow in one single creative software solution.

  • This is a FULL VERSION - not a demo!
  • It is based on the powerful Independence 2 audio engine
  • Features Auto-RAM-Cleaner Multi-Core support for power efficiency
  • Disk Streaming requires less memory than many other software samplers
  • No Yellow Tools Authorization Key required
  • Besides audio file import, all Independence software features are enabled!
  • There are no time or save restrictions
  • Commercial use is allowed
  • Available for Mac OS X (Universal Binary), Windows XP & Vista
Independence Free comes with a 2 GB sound library of premium instruments from the Independence 2.0 Core Library that can be performed in an intuitive and authentic way. Please note that Yellow Tools requires you to register on their website to have access to the sampler and the 2 GB library.


Independence FREE 2.0 is free software


But these are not!

IK Multimedia Sampletank 2 is $329


MOTU MachFive sells for $459!


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