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I used to work at a large pro-audio retailer and still have a great connection working there. He has offered to work out a one-of-a-kind deal for anyone who says I told them to call. There is a minimum price they can advertise things at, but he has agreed to sell for as low as he can if you mention this site. So if you are thinking of getting anything I've written about here, try this guy first.


The reason I still buy from these guys is not the price - it is that they have a bunch of full-time tech support staff in-house that provide free support for life for anything you buy from them. I still think that is so crazy that a retailer would even bother doing this rather than just telling you to call the manufacturer. This has saved my butt so many times. The frustration that is saved from just calling their number and getting help is priceless to me :-)

Items mentioned on this blog so far:

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 clones
Native Instruments Pro-53: $199.97
Arturia Prophet-V: $199.97

Analog Warmth Plug-ins
URS Saturation: $199.97


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