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VST Discovery: Fuzzpilz Oatmeal

Virtual Analog Subtractive Synth

Platform: PC, Linux
Format: VST
Price: FREE!


Oatmeal - the name says it all. It was developer Fuzzpilz's first attempt at making a VST synth and he intended it to be ordinary in both looks and sound - it was his "learning to make a VST" synth. But to try to describe the Fuzzpilz Oatmeal synth is to underestimate it. In fact, if we were to listen to the developer himself, we would brand this synth only as mediocre.

I think that this humble attitude may just be what piqued interest at the KVR forums where he chose to first release it. His post reeked with confidence: "Oatmeal (mediocre free VSTi)" - an anti-advertisement if there ever was one. If you know the tone of the forums at KVR, you know that they can be a tough crowd to win over anyway without all but telling them to not even bother trying it out. People naturally had low expectations, but were blown away by what they heard. You really just have to read the post yourself to appreciate the level of surprise and amount of love instantly poured out on this unassuming oatmeal-brown synth. That love has even prompted multiple graphic designers to offer their services gratis to upgrade the layout and more importantly, the size. Users agreed that Fuzzpilz' Oatmeal did have a weakness: it's standard-sized skin seemed too small to easily display all of the features it offered.

I posted a link to the KVR forum post below the download button on this page. You should head over there after downloading, keeping in mind that the KVR crowd is many times hard to please, and rarely so positive in a nearly unanimous way!

If you like to read about features, click here for a detailed list.

Original Oatmeal skin

Redesigned Skin - much better!

Fuzzpilz Oatmeal is free software

* This download includes the plug-in as well as many extra patches, banks, and skins. I highly recommend using the large skin because Oatmeal has so many dang features that you will appreciate the extra screen size.

Click here to go to the post at KVR mentioned above.


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